Title Work. Quiet Title. Real Estate Transactions. Partitions. Easements. Contracts. Real Estate law encompasses multiple areas of law, including probate, guardianship, divorce, bankruptcy, and foreclosure. The process of buying, selling, or developing real property is one of the most complex areas of the law as they involve old common law and modern secured transactions as well as lending regulations. In much of Oklahoma, specifically the Eastern half, many land transactions still deal with restricted Indian land.

Whether you are a buyer, seller or land developer embroiled in a real estate dispute or would like to take precautions to avoid conflict, our attorneys can work with you to ensure your money and property rights are adequately protected against adverse parties and claims.

On paper, purchasing real estate seems like a relatively straightforward transaction: make an offer, wait for acceptance, draft a contract, settle the deal and exchange the money. However, each step of the purchase process represents a potential point of disagreement or misunderstanding. Our attorneys are adept at handling any problems that arise in the sale or purchase of real estate (surface and minerals), including:

  • Disputes occurring in the drafting and execution of a purchase contract
  • Handling a rescission or misrepresentation by the buyer or seller
  • Problems with the title or survey
  • Title opinions
  • State and local regulations, including compliance with zoning ordinances
  • Disagreements involving new home construction and implied or express warranties
  • Foreclosure